Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) protests against temple demolition in Tamil Nadu

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) international general secretary Milind Parande has urged the DMK government in Tamil Nadu to stop the temple demolition spree in the name of pulling down illegal construction.
Talking to the media after attending the Dharmaraksha festival in Chennai, Milind Parande said the DMK government has gone ahead and demolished temples that are on legal premises and been in existence for over 50-100 years.

“There are many instances in Tamilnadu, where mosques,churches and madrassas, have been constructed illegally, blocking waterways and using corrupt practices on the government Lands, water catchment areas, encroaching waterways and on government maeikkalporomboke lands,” stated a resolution passed in the meet. VHP demanded that such structures be brought down with utmost sincerity and retrieve precious, valuable lands from the land encroachers in the name of religion and stop anti-national activities happening in those illegally constructed structures.

“The government cannot be the owner of the temples. The Hindu Endowment act of Tamil Nadu 22/1959 clearly states that the government can only be an ‘External Auditor’ of the temples and not managing the day-to-day functions,” Milind said.

The resolution also urged the TN government to stop using the funds of the Temples for other activities like constructing fish markets, colleges, schools, and government cultural activities and use it only for the Temple’s well-being and to manage facilities for its visiting devotees. Thousands of temples in the state, which are currently under the HR&CE department, are not managed properly and have been under large scale neglect, and many of these temples are in dilapidated conditions.

“We request the TN government to enact a law in this aspect and act with secular mindset that it propagates and treat Anti Hindu Conversion as a malady for a healthy democratic society. Conversion activities, creates anti -national sentiments among the conversion infrastructure and an Anti-Hindu and Anti-India eco-system. These conversion forces in India which collaborates with the Anti -India forces abroad and with the help of its tremendous funding in long run could make this nation divided into religious dominions If not checked with a stringent Anti-Conversion law to protect the Nation, her heritage, culture, and her people. Many Islamic terrorist activities in Bharat have been identified with the conversion activities of Islamic Religion,” the resolution added.
The VHP plans to organise the “All India Seers and Sages Conference” in Madurai on June 4-5, in which seers, sages and gurus of Hindu Parampara across Bharath will participate.

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