VHP Expresses Its Concern Over Attack on ISKCON Temple in Dhaka, Demands Action

The Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Saturday (March 19) expressed its concern over the attack on theISKCON Radhakanta temple in Dhaka. It demanded that the Bangladesh government take strict action against the perpetrators.

“The attack on ISKCON temple in Dhaka on the eve of Holi is very worrying and condemnable. It also exposes the human rights activists and the bogey of Islamophobia. The Bangladesh government should ensure the safety of Hindus and take strict action against the perpetrators. The Government of India should also take action in this regard,” the VHP said in a statement.

A murderous Muslim mob attacked the ISKCON Radhakanta temple in Dhaka on Thursday (March 17) in the presence of police when preparations were underway for the Gaura Purnima celebration.

There were more than 200 Muslims armed with rods, chains, and sticks. One devotee was killed, and three devotees were critically injured in the attack. The mob also looted the temple.

ISKCON Vice President Radharamn Das had said on Friday (March 18), “Last evening when devotees were preparing for Gaura Purnima celebration, a mob of 200 people entered premises of Shri Radhakanta Temple, Dhaka and attacked them, three of them were injured in scuffle. Fortunately, they called Police and were able to drive away miscreants.”

Demanding security for the Hindu minorities in Bangladesh, he had added, “These attacks are a matter of grave concern. We request the Bangladesh government to take stringent action and provide security to Hindu minorities in the country.”

He also urged the United Nations and the world community to take note of the attack on Hindu minorities. The United Nations declared March 15 as the International Day to combat Islamophobia.

Criticising the United Nations, Das said, “It’s very very unfortunate incident on the eve of Dol Yatra & Holi celebrations. Just few days ago, United Nations passed a resolution declaring March 15 as the International Day to combat Islamophobia. We are surprised that same United Nations is mute to the suffering of thousands of helpless Bangladeshi & Pakistani minorities. So many of the Hindu minorities have lost their lives, property, have been raped, but alas, all United Nations can do is to ponder upon Islamophobia.”

He also said that the condition of Hindus worldwide is very concerning.

In October last year, during Durga pooja festivities, massive anti-Hindu violence had broken out in Bangladesh. Multiple pooja pandals were destroyed.

On October 13, the Bangladesh Hindu Unity Council had said, “A scandalous day in the history of Bangladesh. Many pooja mandapas have been vandalised. Hindus are now guarding the pooja mandapa. The whole world is silent today. May Maa Durga bless all the Hindus of the world. Never Forgive.”

On October 20, the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) had demanded that the Union government should talk tough to the Bangladesh government and should send a fact-finding team of MPs to Bangladesh to assess the situation on the ground.

It had also organised a nationwide protest to demand action against the Islamists by the Sheikh Hasina government of Bangladesh.

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