VHP Central Working President Alok Kumar slams Rahul Gandhi over Hindutva remark

New Delhi: Stating that Congress has lost its path, Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) Central Working President Alok Kumar on Saturday slammed the party leader Rahul Gandhi over the latter’s ‘Hindu versus Hindutvavadi’ comments and said that the Wayanad MP tries to pretend Hindu but commit mistake every time.

Alok Kumar said, “Rahul Gandhi needs a new writer. He says he is a Hindu but doesn’t believe in Hindutva. This is like you are human but don’t believe in humanity. Did he forget the number of bodies in the 1984 riots and how AICC people supported partition in 1947 and killings that happened later?”

“Congress has lost its way and Rahul Gandhi tries hard to pretend to be Hindu but commits mistake every time,” the VHP working president said.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday again spoke about Hindu versus Hindutvavadi stating that while a Hindutvavadi could be described as someone bathing alone in the Ganges, a Hindu is one who takes crores along. (ANI)

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