Uttar Pradesh: Pubg addicted teen shot dead mom for not letting him play; Hides body for 2 day

According to police, a 16-year-old kid shot and killed his mother as she tried to stop him from playing the online game PUBG. “The boy was addicted to the online game and couldn’t stand it when his mother wouldn’t let him play it, so he killed her, added police.

On Tuesday night, police said they found the woman’s half decomposed body and submitted it for a post-mortem. The youngster has been captured.

They said the boy fatally murdered his mother on Saturday and locked the body in a room of their home for two days before telling his father, an Army personnel stationed in West Bengal, about the event.

His nine-year-old sister was also present in the house. According to authorities, he allegedly told her not to tell anybody about the incident and used a room freshener to mask the odour of the rotting body.

“The incident occurred at Yamunapuram Colony, which is part of the PGI police station area,” said Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Qasim Abidi. The deceased used to live in the house with her two children. Her JCO (Junior Commissioned Officer) husband is currently stationed in West Bengal.” “The 16-year-old was addicted to the PUBG an internet game. He said that his mother forbade him from playing the game, which is why he murdered her. “The minor killed his mother with his father’s registered weapon,” he claimed.

According to the authorities, the boy killed his mother on Saturday night and took her younger sister to another room. He shut the door of the room where the body was found.

“On Tuesday evening, when the rotting body’s odour became unbearable, he informed his father about the incident. “The father told the neighbours, who then called the cops,” Abidi explained.

“At first, the youngster tried to spin a fake story around the incident, but he eventually admitted the reality,” he said.

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