Union Ministers laud PM Narendra Modi’s leadership, highlight achievements as NDA govt complete 8 years

New Delhi [India]: As Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Bharatiya Janata Party-government at the Centre completed eight years in office on Monday (May 30), several Union Ministers highlighted the NDA government’s achievements.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah referred to India under PM Modi as a “new India”, which is resilient, strong, capable and Atmanirbhar.

“PM Narendra Modi made power the medium to give the poor, farmers, women and the underprivileged their rights, thereby instilling their faith in democracy and making them a participant in the development journey of the country. Congratulations to all the countrymen for these 8 years full of many historical achievements,” Shah tweeted.

The Home Minister further added that every policy of PM Modi and every achievement of India is an example for the world of how “India turned disaster into opportunity with an able leadership”.

“Today, in the form of Modi ji, India has leadership on which every section has faith and pride. Meeting the expectations of the public with our tireless hard work is a strong pillar of this belief. Today, this power of faith of 130 crore Indians is taking the country forward in every field,” he tweeted.

Shah also said that PM Modi’s government has given “wings” to the dreams and aspirations of every citizen of the country and instilled new confidence in them.

“Modi ji not only made the country safe with his capable leadership and strong will, but also took several decisions, which raised the head of every countryman with pride,” he said.

Highlighting the achievements of PM Modi’s government in the Defence sector in the last eight years, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that India, under the resolve of being self-reliant, is now among the major defence equipment exporting countries.

“Whether it is the matter of defence of the country or the economy, India’s position on every front has become much stronger than before. With the resolve of becoming self-reliant, we are moving forward rapidly and its impact is visible in the defence sector. Today India is counted among the major defence equipment exporting countries,” Singh tweeted.

The Defence Minister also said that in the eight years, India has got a new identity in the world.

“Today India is being recognized all over the world as a self-respecting and strong leadership country. The credit for this big change goes to the efficient leadership of our successful Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his determination,” he said.

Singh congratulated PM Modi on the completion of eight years of the Central Government and thanked all the people of the country for their consistent faith and support.

“Today, the eight years of the Central Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi have been full of achievements and successes. New paradigms of development, good governance and public welfare have been established in these eight years, taking public trust as the basis,” he said.

Singh further said that the efforts made to bring a change in the last eight years are bearing fruit today.

“Today the systems have changed in India, good governance has been established. Work has been done with honesty and authenticity for the welfare of the poor, whose benefit is getting to every section of society,” he tweeted.

In the health sector, as per the Union Health Minister Dr Mansukh Mandaviya, PM Modi-led government holistically strengthened the healthcare infrastructure.

“In the last 8 years, along with the all-round development of the country, with the spirit of ‘Antyodaya’, PM Modi has ensured the interest of the common people by bringing many schemes in the health sector,” he tweeted.

The Health Minister said the country had made remarkable progress in several areas, including security, vaccination, and health infrastructure development. He also said that various schemes of the Centre in the field of poor welfare had increased the standard of living of the poor.

Mandaviya thanked PM Modi for “world’s best Covid management” and said, “While the biggest pandemic of the century affected the whole world, India did the world’s best Covid management and ran the world’s largest vaccination campaign. All this was possible due to the able leadership and visionary thinking of PM Narendra Modi ji. Today, India is in safe hands.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar hailed PM Modi for having a foreign policy that has the people at its centre.

“Marking 8 Years of a Modi foreign policy that has the people at its centre. A diplomacy for our development, security and civilisation. A diplomacy that serves its people,” he said.

Listing the “sweeping changes” in the passport delivery, Jaishankar said that it is now faster, corruption-free and closer to one’s location.

Talking about ensuring the safety and security of Indians abroad, the External Affairs Minister said that right from the Vande Bharat Mission during Covid to Operation Ganga in Ukraine and many more, PM Modi’s government has been “supporting our citizens as they explore the global workplace”.

“Expanded welfare fund for workers and the vulnerable. Greater work opportunities, for Indian talent, professionals, workers and students. Supporting Indian investments and exports, creating employment at home,” Jaishankar tweeted.

Ensuring our National Security through trusted relationships and international support, Jaishankar said that the Modi government has projected Indian culture and has raised our global standing.

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that since 2014, India is seeing clean, transparent and accountable governance.

“Since 2014 India is seeing clean, transparent and accountable governance, being led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Aiming at transformational changes, both lethargy in system and dead/archaic laws are weeded out. Seva bhav will continue to guide us in reaching out to all.” (ANI)

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