Udaipur murder was foretold! On June 17, Mohammad Akhtari warned he’ll start beheading, urged others to follow his lead

Jaipur: On June 17, Mohammad Riyaz Akhtari, one of the Jihadis who brutally killed Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur, warned he will start beheading and also urged others to follow his lead. Mohammad announced his plan in a video that shot 11 days before the murder.

On that day, donning Islamic attire, Akhtari shot a 2-minute 33-second video, in which he identified himself by name, the date, and his location of Khanjipith. In the video, Akhtari said that he would make the video he was currently recording “viral” on the day he beheaded those that had committed an offence against Islam, reported The Hindustan Times.

He went on to say that after he completed his job, it is the responsibility of others to finish ‘those who are left in “Sector 11”’, where Kanhaiya Lal lived.Download Organiser App

“Don’t worry brother, about what will happen to family, what will happen to your business. I also have a family, and I have a job. I have no worries about this because I am living for my “rasul-e-pak” (Prophet),” he was quoted as saying in the Hindustan Times report.

Urging others to follow his lead once he committed the first murder, Mohammad said, “If death comes, it is heaven. If we go to jail, there is no worry.”

Mohammad was also seen pointing to a set of green bangles and said, “You have no courage to speak out against non-Muslims. You are not capable of taking action, you should just wear these bangles.”

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