Tripura: Bru Families must be Settled all over the State: Joint Movement Committee

Tripura Sept 24-2020: The Joint Movement Committee of Kanchanpur resented against the settlement of the Bru community in their area. They had called for a ‘dawn to dusk strike’ across the sub-division, and the local people supported the strike.

Kanchanpur is located in the North Tripura District, where the Bru families are to be settled. The Joint Movement Committee is a joint body of the local Mizo and Bangali community.

The organization said that the 4600 families of Bru community were to be settled in the Kanchanpur sub-division according to the recently signed quadripartite pact. The JMC had made repeated petitions against the mass settlement of the Brus in Kanchanpur but the government contradicted, it said in a letter addressing the Chief Minister.

The letter further said “We would like to re-emphasize that in principle we are not against the Quadrilateral Bru Settlement Agreement signed in New Delhi on 16th January 2020. In fact, we congratulate and welcome the Agreement. However, we are still maintaining our logical stand that equitable distribution of families in all the Districts and Sub-Divisions is critically important to avoid NEGATIVE social, cultural, political, environmental and ecological impacts it can have on our Kanchanpur Sub-Division. We, therefore, maintain our stand that maximum 500 families are settled in Kanchanpur Sub-Division in the specific places that we have mentioned in our previous proposal, namely Sakhan Hills, Bandarima, Chaigarhpur. Pushporampara and Kalarambari”.

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