Train Arrival in Manipur: MPP airs concern on nonlocal influx

Imphal, July 04, 2021: Following reports of launching a passenger train service in the state, Manipur People’s Party (MPP) has expressed concern over the possibility of uncontrolled influx of non-locals while citing improper implementation of ILP system.

In a statement issued by its vice-president S Ibomcha, MPP drew attention of the government towards the urgent need for framing strict rules of ILPS and enforcing them in letter and spirit.

Both BJP and Congress leaders are confident of increasing opportunities for the state and its people in different sectors such as education, tourism, healthcare and business.

But MPP sees it as a turning point of uncontrolled influx of non-locals in the absence of strong laws to prevent such influx.

It has been over one year since union home minister Amit Shah and chief minister N Biren announced implementation of ILPS in the state but the state government is yet to frame a proper rule by defining the base year for identification of non-locals, MPP pointed out.

It then urged the government to consult CSOs and political parties before finalising the base year.

It also demanded the government to open an ILPS cell in the home department to effectively enforce the rules.