“Time has come to make Naga political problem full stop: S C Jamir

New Delhi: The Naga underground leaders have come up a long way and ‘worked hard’ to create a great appetite for a solution to the pending Naga issue and peace, and they must “own up” the credit now, veteran Naga politician S C Jamir has said here.

“Why hesitate? Why shy to take the deserving credit for what you all have done and achieved. The atmosphere of peace has come hard way and you must take the credit,” Mr Jamir told this journalist in an interview here.

The former Nagaland Chief Minister and ex-Governor of Maharashtra and Gujarat, Jamir, met Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his stay in the national capital, and both the leaders discussed Naga political issue and how “an early solution should be worked out”.

Answering questions, Mr Jamir said that unlike in the past, there is a visible change in Naga society.

“Naga people have great potential to develop and contribute towards building this great nation. Especially, our younger generation is very intelligent, and their views are very broad. They don’t confine to tribes, they don’t confine themselves to their own people. But they have a broader vision quite different from the older generation,” the 90-year-old senior politician said.

“I hope the Government of India should appreciate the enthusiasm created by the signing of the two accords (Framework agreement of 2015 and Agreed Position of 2017) and arrive at an early solution. The Naga people have been waiting, and waiting for too long,” he emphasised, expressing his concern on the prolonged parleys between the centre and the militant groups that began in 1997.

“I think there is a limit to everything. When enthusiasm is there, I think it is better that a decision is taken. Because when the curry is prepared, you can really enjoy and relish it when it is hot. But when it becomes cold and stale, there will be hardly anybody willing to willingly enjoy the curry. So, I think before it becomes cold, the curry should be shared by those people who are entitled to share the curry cooked by the Prime Minister,” he said.

To a question on his meeting with Prime Minister Modi on Saturday, Nov 6, Mr Jamir said: “I have been telling him about the realities of the situation, and I think it will be better that things should be expedited.

After all, for how long we can go on negotiating”.

The former Chief Minister added that the Prime Minister is “well aware of things”. 

“Time has come to make it (Naga political problem) full stop, not comma, not semicolon,” he said.

The Naga peace talks are now at a final stage, and final announcements on an agreement may be made soon.

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