Ticket to only core supporters: BJP Chief

Imphal, October 10 2021: There has been growing number of voices of dissent within BJP over the distribution of party tickets for the upcoming Manipur Legislative Assembly election scheduled to be held in the early part of 2022. Meanwhile, BJP national president JP Nadda, who left Imphal on Sunday, has stated that discussion will be held on allotting tickets to those who have sweated blood and tears for the party.

Additionally, anyone wanting to join BJP is not allowed to put forward any conditions, he asserted.

According to a press report, during Nadda’s two day visit to the state, BJP intending candidates from various constituencies, tried to flex their strength through their workers and attempted to meet with state leaders.

Many also attempted to try and meet the national president through the state leaders they are close to.

However, Nadda as well as other national leaders refused to give any opportunity for such meetings and the candidates were left dejected.

Despite this, some candidates did meet and talked with Nadda and Manipur Election in-charge Bhupendra Yadav.

One such intending candidate conveyed to The People’s Chronicle that BJP needs to work and coordinate from the grassroots level to ensure its return to power in the upcoming polls.

Thus, discussion would he held to allot tickets to candidates who have worked tirelessly for the party, he said, while contending that anyone wanting to join BJP cannot put forward any conditions for joining.

If the person truly loves the party, he/she should accept the party’s decision with joy, he added.

While stressing the need for assessing the contributions of the candidates towards the party including their performances in the last elections; the candidate conveyed JP Nadda and Bhupendra Yadav’s statements to the intending candidates that the party will not delay in awarding the tickets to candidates who truly deserved it and could help win the election.

“The leaders urged for spreading awareness about the various activities undertaken by the central and state governments, while also urging for improving the relationship between the party and the government.

Additionally, the party workers must work hard to inform the public about the efforts taken by PM Narendra Modi with regard to the welfare of the northeastern region and showcase how much the government cherishes the huge trust the people have of the same,” the intending candidate further conveyed.

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