Stop looting along NH: ERDO to Govt

Imphal, April 17 2022: Economic and Resource Development (ERDO), Kangleipak has demanded the government to stop open looting and unauthorised taxation by armed groups which are under signatories to SoO pact along National Highways.

In a statement, ERDO secretary general Shanta Nahakpam said that reports about collecting illegal taxes openly along National Highways by armed groups holding peace talks with state and central governments need not be reminded time and again.

Such collection of illegal taxes, extortion, looting and detaining people for not paying tax along National Highway by armed groups is a huge loss for every community in the state.

It may be noted that essential goods and other items required for developing the state are imported from outside the state, he maintained.

Pointing out that per capita income and purchasing power of Manipur and Assam are low, Shanta Nahakpam continued that the commodities are being sold at higher rate in Manipur than in Assam because of the illegal taxation.

Moreover, the rate per KM for trucks going in and coming out of Manipur could not be fixed, he added.

He stressed that the illegal taxes collected are blood and sweat of common people.

As such, every community in the state is affected equally by it.

Moreover, illegal taxation, open extortion and raising issues by blocking National Highways stymie the emergence of entrepreneurs from different communities and making them dependent on others.

In order to bring development and economic sustainability in the state, the state and central governments should have a strategy to make sure that armed groups of different communities do not indulge in such illegal taxation activities while signing for peace talks, Shanta opined.

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