Standoff between Police over summon to Mark Thangmang Haokip

CCpur, May 22 2022: A brief standoff between people who protested the police summon served to Mark Thangmang Haokip and the district police ensued today in front of Churachandpur PS, with the police resorting to firing few tear gas shells to disperse the crowd.About half a dozen youths today gathered before the police station saying they wished to peacefully lodge their protest against the summon to Mark Haokip allegedly for his social media comments.

They also claimed that they intend to lodge an FIR against Haomee Kangleipak Organisation for their comments and statements which could incite communal unrest.

They also questioned the State Government’s action of serving summons to Mark Haokip, an international human rights activist repeatedly but turned a blind eye on the people who wielded pistols and forcefully made their way into Thangjing hill.

As the youths refused to disperse despite the appeal made by the police, a few rounds of tear gas shells were fired.

The dispersing crowd also reportedly upturned several road dividers in the process.

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