Special teams formed to probe PFI-SDPI terror module busted in Bihar

Patna: Special teams have been constituted to probe the potential terror module busted by Bihar Police, Bihar Additional Director General (Headquarters) JS Gangwar said on Thursday.

“A case was registered in Patna. Two people have been arrested and their interrogation is underway. Various teams of police is interrogating with them. Various items were recovered from their possession like poster banners, PFI documents, mobile phones etc. which are being looked into. Since the case has been registered, the arrest has been made, things will come to the fore during the interrogation. The arrest of other people may also be possible,” Gangwar told ANI.

“We will take action based on the evidences. We’ll work on all the dimensions as per our probe. We are coordinating with the Patna Police,” he added.

Gangwar said that items including Popular Front of India documents were recovered from the arrested persons.

When asked about the possible targets of the arrested persons, the official said that anything about their future plans could be said only after the investigation into the matter is done.

“I do not have any information about any targets. It would be early to say anything about their future plans. Investigation is underway. A special team has been constituted,” he said.

The official, referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the state and Patna on July 12, said that the intentions of the arrested persons on the PM’s visit could be cleared after the interrogation.

“I do not have any such information as of now. It will only be possible to say anything once the interrogation is done about their connections, intentions and future plans,” he said.

“The two people who have been arrested will be investigated thoroughly. Case has been registered under the sections of being involved in anti-India activities, trying to spread hatred among communities and conspiracy,” the police official added.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP)(Bihar), Manish Kumar told ANI that an FIR has been lodged against a total of 26 people of which 3 people have been arrested.

“We keep an eye on such institutions on routine work. Because the Prime Minister was coming, we were alert and in the meantime we came to know about these people’s office and we started investigating it closely. FIR has been lodged against a total of 26 people of which 3 people have been arrested,”ASP Manish Kumar said.

Police on Wednesday busted a potential terror module with some links to extremist outfit Popular Front of India (PFI) and arrested two accused. The two include a retired police officer of Jharkhand, Mohammad Jallauddin and a former member of Students’ Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) who is also a current member of PFI and Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), Athar Parvez.

Earlier, Kumar had said an excerpt from an eight-page-long document recovered from the accused titled ‘India vision 2047’ talks about “subjugating coward majority community and bringing back the glory”.

Kumar had added that Parvez’s younger brother went to jail in 2001-02 bomb blasts in the state after SIMI was banned. The police official said that Parvez also raised funds in lakhs. He said locals were taught to use swords and knives in name of martial arts and the accused instigated others toward religious violence.

“On July 6-7, in name of martial arts, locals were taught to use swords and knives. They instigated others toward religious violence. We have CCTV footage as well as witness accounts. Parvez also raised funds in lakhs, ED is being involved for the same,” said Kumar. (ANI)

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