SDPI top leader Tasleem Rahmani resigns from party

SDPI is the political outfit of Popular Front of India (PFI) that has been accused of creating several communal tensions in the country.

Tasleem Rahmani, the top leader and public face of Islamist political outfit Socialist Democratic Party of India (SDPI) has resigned owing to differences with the party leadership over “the party’s strategy and means of policy implantation which is more like a corporate than a political party”. Rahmani, who held the position of National Secretary, has also resigned from the primary membership of the party. However, he said he agrees with the political ideology of the party and appreciates its dedicated cadre.

In his resignation letter to SDPI National President M K Faizi, Rahmani said, “with due respect, I submit my resignation from all party positions including primary membership of the party.”

The political wing of the notorious Islamist outfit Popular Front of India, SDPI, hogged national headlines when its cadres chopped a hand of Prof Joseph, allegedly for disrespecting prophet Muhammad. One of the accused won with a record margin from a Muslim majority area in Kerala in the panchayat election.

According to Rahmani, he had tried and argued several times to change “such policies to adopt a political culture and behavior to achieve results and approach the general public in an open and fast manner.”

Rahmani said the party has failed to emerge as a powerful political party because of its wrong strategies.

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