RSS condemns violence against Hindus in Bangladesh

Imphal, November 02 2021: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal has strongly condemned the violent attacks against Hindus, who are in minority in Bangladesh by Jihadi groups.

According to a statement issued by Prachar Pramukh Manipur Prant RK Dayananda, the Sangh held a meeting from October 28 to 30, wherein it discussed the attacks against Hindus and Hindu temples during the Durga Puja Festival in Bangladesh, resulting in deaths of many minority Hindus, injuring thousands and destruction of properties.

Many Hindu girls were brutally assaulted while several temples and Pandals were desecrated during a period of two weeks, it said.

In connection with the incident, some people were arrested for spreading misinformation, which was, in fact, a well thought out plan of radical Islamists.

Such acts are an attempt to completely uproot and annihilate the Hindus, who are in minority in Bangladesh.

During the partition, the total population of Hindu in Bangladesh was around 28 per cent.

However, owing to the attacks of radical Islamists, the population has gone down to 8 per cent.

As such, the Bangladesh government should take up strict measures to prevent a repeat of such incidents, by arresting the person(s) responsible and awarding befitting legal punishment, thereby providing a protective layer to the Hindu community, RK Dayananda demanded.

The Sangh then condemned the silence of the human rights activists and UN affiliated organisations in this regard, while urging the international community to raise their voices against such atrocity.

It further demanded the government of India to use diplomatic channels to protect the Hindu and Buddhist communities in Bangladesh, while urging Hindu organisations and institutions to stand against such barbarous acts.

The Sangh also appealed to all Hindu societies to stand alongside their Hindu brethren in Bangladesh amid such difficult times.

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