RPF rejects India’s peace talk offer

Imphal, February 24 2022: Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) has rejected the offer for peace dialogue with India, asserting that there is no question of trading Manipur’s freedom by entering peace talks with India, and called upon fellow revolutionary groups “to chalk out new strategies to hasten the pace of our revolution” .

In his message on the occasion of RPF’s 43rd Foundation Day of RPF (Independence Demand Day), the Front’s president Irengbam Chaoren said, “Historically Manipur had never been a part of India, it is only within the span of 70 years that Manipur became the part of India, that too, against the wishes of our people.

In other words, Manipur was forcibly annexed to India by humiliating and insulting the sovereign right of our king.

As such there is no reason that people ofManipur should remain contented and happy to be part of India.

It is unfortunate that some lumpen elements in our society consider Manipur becoming as part of India an inevitable in the evolution of geo-political process and they consider it as necessary for the development and prosperity of, Manipur” .

“These lumpen elements by taking part in the Indian electoral process not only make themselves a puppet but also work hard to tarnish or destroy our independent political history by helping the alien ruler in various ways.

Some elements are helping to strengthen colonial forces and working against the wishes of freedom loving people of our land.

They treated their own people as their enemy.

Their self-deceiving character of showing themselves as real Indian and wholeheartedly helping towards the assimilation of our people within the fold of India have only strengthened the colonial regime,” Chaoren said.

“Taking the advantage of this situation colonial regime insult or humiliate our liberation struggle and revolutionaries.

They consider revolutionaries as misguided ones and is evident from the slogan “bringing back to mainstream” used by the colonial regime.

This slogan is not only insulting the liberation struggle but also an attempt to destroy the true character of our struggle.

The slogan is an attempt to treat our struggle as internal problem of India.

What need to remember here is that SoO or peace talks entered with India by revolutionary groups of Manipur or WESEA were done intentionally arid there is no desire or intention to trade or diminish the goal of liberation by willingly entering into SoO or peace talk.

The so called SoO or peace talks were entered out of various compelling factors,” pointed out the RPF leader.

He continued, “As of now RPF does not have any intention of entering into peace talk with India.

We know that India’s strategy of peace talks aims at making the revolutionaries disarm or immobile thereby losing the real character and capacity of a revolutionary.

Many of the revolutionary groups of WESEA, which have entered into peace talks with India are now in a situation of between “the Scylla and Charybdis”.

History is testimony to this fact.

We have seen failed process of peace talks and agreements fallen apart.

We have seen the 9-Point Agreement ol 1947, 16-Point Agreement of 1960 and the 1975 Shillong Accord between India and Naga revolutionary and more than 6 years old Framework Agreement, are meant to trade Naga’s freedom with some material benefits.

“Likewise, Mizoram Accord of 1986 and TNV Tripartite Accord of 1988 were the agreements that destroyed the idea of freedom.

Besides, India has snatched away the special autonomy enjoyed by the people of Jammu and Kashmir and kept the region in semi-military rule” .

He then said, “Under such situation it is not possible to achieve freedom through peace talks particularly in WESEA region which India treats as their enemy by enforcing AFSPA and other draconian laws.

It is hard to believe that freedom of Manipur will be achieved through peace talks or political dialogue with India, which harbours the intention of colonising even the independent neighbouring countries under its vision of “Akhand Bharat” .

“Recently a BJP leader against the backdrop of incident of burning down some Hindu temples in Bangladesh commented that India could have annexed Bangladesh in 1971, when India defeated Pakistan and still if India has the intention, it could annex Bangladesh anytime.

There is no reason for not considering such fact and rethink wisely when there is offer of peace talks with India.

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