Revised quarantine rules & self-isolation guidelines

NEW DELHI, Sep 27-2020: The changing dynamics of the Covid-19 pandemic in India has seen States revising their quarantine and self-isolation guidelines for travellers from time to time to control the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Manipur quarantine rules

All passengers will be required to go for institutional quarantine for 14 days. If the test result is negative, passengers will have to observe 14 days of home quarantine. However, passengers coming for seven days or less will be exempted from quarantine provided they show confirmed return tickets within three days of arrival.

Nagaland quarantine rules

People entering the State will now have to undergo mandatory institutional quarantine for seven days, as against the previous 14 days. After that, passengers will have to observe 14 days of home quarantine.

People above the age of 60 years, children and parents of children 10 years and below, pregnant women and accompanying spouse will be exempted from institutional quarantine subject to 28 days of home quarantine with active surveillance.

While some States have relaxed quarantine rules for international passengers on short business visits, some have eased guidelines for certain other categories of passengers as well. Moreover, the Government has also reduced the duration of institutional quarantine for international passengers to seven days followed by home isolation for another 7 days.

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