Redlands abandoned to its fate: UCM

Imphal, March 14 2022: Manipur Rajbari at Shillong which is also known as Redlands has been literally abandoned to its fate with no one to look after it, according to the United Committee Manipur (UCM) .

A team of UCM who are on an expedition to different Manipuri settlements of the North East reached the Redlands yesterday.

But the team did not find any facility to put up the night there.

As such, they hired camping equipment from a local tent house and put up the night there.

UCM president Joychandra Konthoujam told media persons that the existing situation of the Redlands is extremely poignant.

Manipur Rajbari or the Redlands has been in possession of Manipur since the time of Maharaja Boddhachandra.

However, instead of taking up any development work, the entire complex has been only degenerating as it has been abandoned to its own fate, Joychandra said.

He said that the area of Manipur Rajbari is around 81,884 square feet.

It is said that the Government of Manipur re-acquired the plot after paying Rs 91 lakh to the Government of Meghalaya.

Some other sources said that it was leased out to the Government of Manipur, said the UCM president.

He said that the UCM would soon seek all the details of Manipur Rajbari from the relevant departments of the Government of Manipur.

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