Prime Minister Narendra Modi shares snap of Mahatma Gandhi bicycling on World Bicycle Day

New Delhi: Pushing his now famous ‘LIFE’ – Lifestyle for Environment campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Friday, June 3, shared a rare snap of Mahatma Gandhi bicycling on the occasion of World Bicycle Day.

“It is World Bicycle Day today and who better than Mahatma Gandhi to take inspiration from to lead a sustainable and healthy lifestyle,” the Prime Minister tweeted.

World Bicycle Day is observed every year, and the day is aimed at making people ‘more active’ through simple activities, including cycling.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also emphasizes that cycling proves to be an effective way to achieve recommended activity levels.

World Bicycle Day was first marked on June 3, 2018, when the United Nations first adopted a resolution. More than 193 member states adopted the declaration.

It may be stated that Prime Minister Modi gave to the world the mantra of LIFE–Lifestyle for Environment–to combat climate change at COP26 held in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

The message urged people to make changes in one’s lifestyles that would contribute to saving the environment.

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