Prime Minister Narendra Modi says his dream is 100 pc saturation of schemes

New Delhi [India]: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday (May 12) stressed on 100 per cent coverage of the welfare schemes and said that saturation is his dream.

The Prime Minister added that saturation leaves no space for appeasement politics.

“My dream is saturation. We should move towards 100 per cent coverage. Government machinery should get used to this, and a belief should be generated among the citizens,” he said while virtually addressing ‘Utkarsh Samaroh’.

“The country has made this resolve to cover 100 per cent of the beneficiaries. When there is 100 per cent coverage of schemes, the appeasement politics come to an end. There remains no space for it,” PM Modi added.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the motive of his government as it moves to complete eight years at the Centre and said that his tenure has been dedicated to service, good governance and welfare of the poor.

The Prime Minister recalled his life in Gujarat spent with the state’s people and said that it is due to his experience here that he is working for the country as a member of the family.

“The eight years of my government at the Centre have been dedicated to service, good governance and welfare of the poor. Whatever I am able to do today, I have learnt it all near you. I have experienced poverty, pain, development and troubles with extreme proximity while living among you. It is through that experience that I am working for the citizens of this country as a member of the family. It is the government’s effort that the deserving beneficiary should not be left behind from the government schemes,” the Prime Minister said.

He further said that his government is moving ahead with “new commitment and energy” as it inches closer to completing eight years at the Centre. (ANI)

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