Poll Violence: MLA, ex-MLA call for peace in Heirok AC

Imphal, October 26 2021: As poll related violence has escalated in Heirok assembly constituency to a dangerous level, MLA Th Radheshyam of BJP and ex-MLA M Okendro of Congress have appealed to the people of Heirok AC and their respective supporters to maintain peace and refrain from involving in any sort of violent activities.

Addressing a press meet on Tuesday, MLA Radheshyam expressed shock over the increasing violence in his constituency as the 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly election approaches.

One individual is undergoing treatment in hospital after he was reportedly attacked using a spade on Monday.

In response, the house of the assailant had also been torched by mob.

Such incidents are unfortunate since election is supposed to be a democratic process wherein the electors could freely choose their candidates as per their wisdom.

Intending candidates should not try to mislead the youth to their advantage.

Instead, they should promote the culture of humility so that the public could choose the right candidate, said the police officer turned politician.

Radheshyam also preached for universal love and urged against violence in politics.

He urged the public and his supporters not to get involved in any violent activities.

Human life is precious.

Different members of a family are also supporting different candidates and people of Heirok should never do anything which might create enmity among themselves.

Let them choose the candidate they want freely as India is a democratic country, he said and added that he as a candidate feels ashamed.

He might take the decision not to contest the election if such violent incidents continue in Heirok, Radheshyam said.

He also expressed resentment that he could not intervene in time to stop the violent activities as he was in a meeting with the chief minister.

On the other hand, INC’s intending candidate ex-MLA Moi-rangthem Okendro said that this is the first time that Heirok AC is witnessing such violent activities.

As a result, people of Heirok, who are mostly poor, are feeling a sense of insecurity and spending sleepless nights out of fear.

All the candidates come out to serve the public but the violent incidents in the constituency make him feel ashamed.

He then called upon all concerned to guide the youth of Heirok and their courage for a better future instead of getting them involved in violence.

He also strongly condemned the assault on a journalist and said that he had requested the authority concerned to investigate into the assault case and take up appropriate actions against those involved in the incident.

For him, contesting election is not more important than the lives and properties of the public and he would be happy to give up his candidature if such violence continues.

He has dedicated his life to the service of the public and winning the election or not does not matter to him to continue his public service.

He joined politics after his father left the world in 1994, he said and urged the public to study his peaceful and transparent political career.

All the candidates and all the workers are like members of a same family, he said.

He appealed to all concerned to maintain peace and promote free and fair election instead of involving in violent activities.

Let the public decide their fate and choose their representative.

Reacting to violence with violence will bring nothing good.

Let the police investigate the incidents and let the truth come out to the public, he said and urged all to refrain from any violent activities and allow the public to exercise their democratic rights freely without any coercion.

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