PM Modi Unveils National Emblem On New Parliament Building In Delhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the National Emblem cast on the roof of the New Parliament Building today (11 July).

This National Emblem is made of bronze. It weighs 9,500 kg and is 6.5 m in height. A supporting structure of steel weighing around 6,500 kg has been constructed to support the Emblem.

“The concept sketch and process of casting of the National Emblem on the roof of New Parliament Building has gone through eight different stages of preparation from clay modeling/computer graphic to bronze casting and polishing,” the Prime Minister’s Office said.

The foundation stone of the New Parliament Building was laid in December 2020.

The New Parliament Building will be modern, state-of-the-art, and energy-efficient, with highly non-obtrusive security facilities. It is a triangular-shaped building being built adjacent to the present Parliament.

Lok Sabha will be three times the current size, and Rajya Sabha will be substantially bigger. The interiors of the new building will showcase a rich blend of Indian culture and the diversity of our regional arts, crafts, textiles, and architecture.

PM Modi at the entrance to the new parliament building (PIB)
PM Modi at the entrance to the new parliament building (PIB)

Also, the design plan includes space for a magnificent Central Constitutional Gallery, which will be accessible to the public.

It includes high-quality acoustics, audio-visual facilities, improved and comfortable seating arrangements, and effective and inclusive emergency evacuation provisions.

The building will comply with the highest structural safety standards, including adherence to Seismic Zone – V requirements, and is designed for ease of maintenance and operations.

In March 2022, 44 per cent of the new parliament building works were completed, with Rs 480 crore expenditure.

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