PM Modi calls for greater recognition of women in social entrepreneurship

New Delhi [India], January 31 (ANI): Emphasizing the increasing role of women in the development of New India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday called for greater recognition of women in social entrepreneurship.

The Prime Minister on Monday virtually addressed the 30th Foundation Day programme of the National Commission for Women (NCW). Congratulating NCW for completing 30 years, he said it is time for the Commission to move forward with new energy and responsibilities.

Addressing the event, Prime Minister Modi said, “People of orthodox ideology considered the skills of women as a matter of domestic work. It is necessary to change this thinking in order to advance the economy of the country. ‘Make in India’ is doing the same thing today. Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign is linking the potential of women with the development of the country. The participation of women in the growth cycle of New India is increasing continuously. The role of women in the entrepreneurship of society should be recognized and promoted.”

The Prime Minister suggested said that the expansion of the role and scope of NCW and state women commissions is the need of the hour. He said the women commissions of the country would have to give a new direction to the women of their states.

Referring to women’s participation in the medium and small scale industries (MSMEs), he said, “For centuries, India’s strength has been the small scale local industries or the MSMEs. Women’s contribution to these industries is as much as that of men. Women are choosing their own future. Nowadays women are providing jobs to people. Government is supporting women through various schemes like Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana.”

“In the last seven years, the policies of the country have become more sensitive towards women. Today, India is one of the countries which gives maximum maternity leave. The number of drop out from schools has also decreased. Efforts have been made to increase the age of marriage of girls to 21 years so that marriage at an early age does not hinder the education and career of our daughters,” added Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The theme of the NCW Foundation Day programme this year is “She The Change Maker”, aimed at celebrating the achievements of women in different fields. (ANI)

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