PLA, MNPF claim

Imphal, March 10 2022: A combined team of the proscribed PLA and MNPF reportedly attacked a camp of 4 Assam Rifles near Khongtal village, Chandel district at around 7 am yesterday.

According to a joint statement issued RPF Deputy Secretary Publicity Roben Khuman and Manipur Naga People’s Front (MNPF) Secretary Publicity Thomas Numai, many AR personnel suffered casualties and their camp caught fire.

As the combined team launched the attack, the AR ran helter-skelter just to save their lives.

As it was not advisable for the PLA and MNPF cadres to advance into the AR camp, they came back safe and sound, it said.

Alleging that the Government of India has been following an exact copy of the British colonial policy in Manipur which existed as an independent Nation for thousands of years, the outfits asserted that the people of Manipur would never submit to the alleged expansionist policy of India.

They pledged that they would carry on the revolutionary movement until the lost freedom of Manipur is restored.

They maintained that any Nation whose political independence had been usurped by a foreign power is guaranteed by the United Nations and its laws to wage liberation movements.

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