NSCN (IM) stands firm on flag, constitution demand

Imphal, October 23 2021: Taking a firm stand on its Naga flag demand, NSCN (IM) has said that it “will take the stand to defend it to the last man standing and not succumb to the flattering ‘post solution’ offer”.

In a press release issued on Saturday, NSCN said, “When the formal Indo-Naga talk was resumed with the new interlocutor AK Mishra after a gap of nearly two years, much hype was generated that the final Naga solution is just round the corner and it may come as a Christmas gift to the Nagas.

While the Nagas’ intense craving for solution is a matter of more than two decades when the Indo-Naga peace talks started in 1997, what is more important is how the Government of India has come to terms with the sentiment of the Naga people on the Naga flag and the Yehzabo (Constitution).

Significantly, the pressing concern of NSCN is on these two core issues.

However, the talks failed to live up to all the hype as the Government of India continues to indulge in political escapism on the very issues that are holding up the road to the Naga solution”.

The Naga militant outfit recalled that “when the Government of India officially recognised the unique history and situation of the Nagas in 2002, the political interpretation is no less than the recognition of the political identity of the Naga nation.

Significantly, this put a new meaning to the Indo-Naga political talks that ultimately led to the signing of the historic Framework Agreement on the 3rd August, 2015 giving due recognition to the sovereign identity of the Naga nation.

Ironically, the Government of India is still pretentiously acting stubborn as the crucial rounds of talks that focused on the Naga flag and the Constitution is driven to hang in balance.

The stalemate created is unfortunate”.

It then pointed out, “The Naga flag is not just a piece of cloth to the Nagas but a feeling of pride which helped hundreds of Naga martyrs to sacrifice their lives by just seeing the flag flying high in the sky.

Significantly, the Naga flag reminds us the courage and sacrifice of our freedom fighters that have brought us where we stand today proudly standing our ground to portray before the world the history of the Naga nation.

Down the line, the Nagas, particularly those who have gone through fire and water defending the political rights of the Naga people, have learned to attach a strong emotional bond to the Naga flag as a symbol of the Naga nation’s pride and values”.

It continued, “Interestingly, the Government of India is talking in different language to different negotiating Naga groups in the matter of the Naga flag.

But NSCN is not impressed when the offer was made to accept the Naga flag as a cultural symbol.

The Naga issue is not a cultural issue that the Government of India should change the Naga flag as a cultural symbol and forego the Naga political identity as symbolize by the Naga flag.

“Where is the need for the Indo-Naga ceasefire if the Naga issue is a cultural problem and where is the need to drag on the Indo-Naga talks for more than two decades if the issue is something to do to solve cultural conflicts? Where is the need for Nagalim to get admitted as a bona fide member of the UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization) if the Naga issue is a cultural based problem? Nagalim was admitted into the fold of UNPO as NSCN was able to establish the historical and political credentials of Nagalim before the UNPO governing body and nothing to do with cultural credentials”.

NSCN (IM) then said, “What is of divine gift (Naga flag) to the Nagas the NSCN will take the stand to defend it to the last man standing and not succumb to the flattering ‘post solution’ offer.

NSCN cannot drag the Naga people to make another blunder by falling into the trap being machinated by the Government of India.

The earlier agreements or accords in the name of the Naga political solution are simply too terrible to recall.

Once bitten twice shy”.

“All said and done, the Naga national flag is of utmost importance for the Naga people and holds much spiritual value.

Itistheroofunder which the feeling of nationalism and patriotism flourishes.

May God forbid the Nagas to accept any alternative arrangement in lieu of the Naga flag which symbolize the political struggle and identity of the Naga Nation! The Nagas cannot be carried away by the “post solution narrative” which is just a well laid trap.

Christmas may come and go but the NSCN will not stop fighting to defend the Naga political identity,” it added.

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