NPP’s ‘king maker’ claim shameful: BJP

Imphal, January 19 2022: The self-claim of National People’s Party (NPP) that it is the ‘kingmaker’ in the present coalition government in the state indeed is shameful, stated BJP Manipur Pradesh chief spokesperson Ch Bijoy.

Addressing a press conference at the BJP office here on Wednesday, Ch Bijoy said that it is clear that NPP wants to have a hung assembly and an unstable government after the 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly election.

However, having a hung assembly is not in the interest of the people and NPP’s utilisation of the word ‘king maker’ should be made only when there is an uncertain government, Bijoy said and asked as to why NPP wants to have an uncertain government in the state.

Expressing surprise over the claim of NPP that it would be the single largest party after 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly election, Ch Bijoy said that NPP’s dream of getting 20 seats by fielding candidates in 40 assembly constituencies is untenable.

NPP’s dream of emerging as the single largest party when it could not field candidates in all 60 assembly segments is akin to the proverbial saying of monkey holding on to coconut.

He then stated that BJP will field candidates in all 60 assembly constituencies and is hoping to bring a stable government by getting more than 40 seats in the upcoming election.

One main reason behind setting this target is the difficulty that the party went through while forming the coalition government and the danger posed to its survival at different phases.

There was enormous pressure to topple the government even on personal interest but the government did not succumb to such pressure and managed to survive, he said and appealed to voters not to waste their votes by giving vote to small political parties which have no future.

It is very clear now that no political parties could form the government except BJP aftei the upcoming election and Congress party too has discarded the hope of forming any government in the state, Bijoy added.

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