NPFM urges both Indian & Naga sides, to work out a lasting and honourable solution

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Imphal, September 19-2020: The Naga Parliamentarians’ Forum, Manipur (NPFM) has expressed concern on the “stalemate” of the Naga peace talk and appealed the parties concerned to work out a lasting and honourable solution.

In a statement signed by its chairman Mani Charenamei (ex-Lok Sabha MP) and its secretary Samuel Risom (ex-MLA), the Forum said it “is deeply disturbed by the stalemate, the Indo-Naga peace talk has been facing since October 31, 2019 till date” .

The Forum urged all the negotiating parties, “both on the Indian and the Naga sides, to work out a lasting and honourable solution keeping in mind not to repeat the failed agreements of the past, which, instead of bringing peace had brought more violence and animosity between the two entities, affecting the lives and properties of lakhs of people every year” .

The Forum said the contents of the Framework Agreement of August 3, 2015 have been brought to the public domain.

“It will be wise on the part of both the negotiating parties to work out a lasting and honourable solution in accordance with the principles laid down in the Framework Agreement” .

The Forum then appealed to the Government of India “not to use pressure tactics by imposing unilateral deadlines on the Naga negotiating parties and also not to indulge in applying divide and rule policy as this will never lead to a lasting and honourable solution to the protracted Naga political issue”.

The statement then said both sitting and ex-members from all political parties are members of the Forum.