New BJP Chiefs to be appointed for 4 States including Manipur

IMPHAL: Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) national presidents have begun discussions to appoint new state presidents of the party for Manipur, Assam, Uttarakhand and West Bengal, and will soon be announcing the same, sources have conveyed.

As per the sources, the post of state party president
for Manipur is currently vacant and needs to be filled, while that of Assam, Uttarakhand and West Bengal are to be replaced. In this regard, BJP zonal
secretary Ajay Jamwal and organisation secretary Manipur Abhay Kumar Giri have held multiple rounds of talks with CM N Biren to name a new state party president in the shortest possible of time, in view of the upcoming election in the state.


Sources further conveyed that so far former cabinet
minister Th Radheshyam and Dr Sapam Ranjan are
the names currently being discussed among the list
of legislators, while senior leaders A Sarda Devi and Sh Premchand are being mentioned on part of the
organisation. Aside from this, there is possibility of
a completely different person being elected as the new party president.

At present, Autonomous District Council (ADC) elec-
tion, which had been delayed for a long time due to
Covid-19, will be one of the first polls to be conducted as soon as the pandemic situation improves. As such, the post of the state party president cannot remain vacant for long. On top of this, as there are few months left to the next assembly elections, instructions have already
been issued to leaders of constituencies of poll bound states to make necessary preparations. However, as there is no party president for Manipur, much work has been halted. The inability to begin the necessary preparations for the polls due to the vacancy of party president is a deterrent for the party. Thus, party leaders had issued instructions to the party workers to immediately extend assistance to all those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic on Sunday. As such, it is believed that a new party president for Manipur state unit will soon be

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