‘NCP dissolves all its national level units’: NCP’s letter got leaked by mistake

Mumbai: Since Wednesday night many have been speculating about the future of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) after a letter signed by Praful Patel dissolving all units barring a few at national level. Sources says restructuring to accommodate leaders.

Praful Patel had tweeted, “With the approval of our National President Hon’ble Shri Sharad Pawar Saheb, all the National level Departments and Cells of @NCPspeaks excluding Nationalist Women’s Congress, Nationalist Youth Congress and Nationalist Students Congress stand dissolved with immediate effect.”

Patel further clarified that, “This decision does not apply to Maharashtra or any other state unit.” However, this was enough ammunition for many to speculate as per their wish. So what really happened?

According to sources in the NCP, the letter was meant for office and only for NCP leaders and the heads of the units active at the national level, which have been dissolved.

However, the letter got leaked. A source says that the letter was for internal circulation but someone posted it in a WhatsApp group, and then it got leaked outside. Also, the message posted by Patel on twitter was too ambiguous this leading to several speculations

Many started saying that the NCP was trying to bud some sort of rebellion, however, there was no visible sign of any rebellion.

Clyde Castro, Spokesperson, NCP said, “It was nothing but an office order that got leaked, and this creating confusion, new teams will be formed, and in few days you will see it.”

According to sources, many leaders need to be now accommodated as the government has collapsed in the state of Maharashtra, and by restructuring the units, these leaders will be made heads and kept busy.

Writer: Varun Singh, Source: Organiser

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