Muslim Religious Preacher Arrested in Teok for Allegedly Raping 10-Year-Old Minor

GUWAHATI: In a shocking incident, a Muslim religious preacher repeatedly rapped a 10-year-old girl in Teok, Jorhat until he was arrested by the police based on a complaint filed by the victim’s parents.

The victim’s mother alleged that the accused who is a religious preacher of a masjid in the Chelenghat area often took her minor daughter to his room under various pretexts. Like the other days, yesterday too, he took the girl to mop his room and rapped her.

When the girl returned to her home, her mother repeatedly asked what had happened with her as she noticed the back of her pant were wet. Then she revealed to her mother what the religious preacher did with her.

“I noticed something suspicious on the back of her pant.I repeatedly asked her and she revealed what he did with her,” the mother said.

She also said that the religious preacher came to their area during the lockdown. Based on her complaint the Teok police arrested the preacher.

Defaming the face of the State another record of crime against women was brought to the light when a case was registered at Sootea PS under Biswanath district on Sunday.

The case was registered against one Til Bahadur Chetry, a resident of No. 2 Borbheti under Sootea police station against the charge of raping a minor of 13.

According to the information, Til Bahadur (65) raped a minor from the same village when the girl visited his house for some personal purpose. He raped the minor at his home days back but the incident was brought to light on the same day as the minor didn’t reveal the fact due to fear.

However, she stated about the whole incident on Saturday night. And accordingly, the family members of the minor along with other women of the area lodged an FIR at Sootea police station against Til Bahadur and Sootea police immediately arrested the accused and pushed him behind the bar on Sunday.

A large number of women gathered inside the premises of Sootea PS and demanded distinguishing punishment for the culprit.

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