MP RK Ranjan Inaugurates FGI Girls’ Hostel On Occasion Of Nupi Lal Day At Hengbung

KANGPOKPI: Lok Sabha MP Dr. Rajkumar Ranjan Singh on Saturday inaugurated Girls’ Hostel of Feeds Group of Institution (FGI) Agricultural Sciences on the occasion of Nupi Lal day at FEEDS Campus, Hengbung in Kangpokpi District.

The inaugural ceremony was also attended by Haokholet Kipgen, Chairman, FGI, Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Dr. Konsam Himalay Singh and WL. Hangshing (Retd. IRS), Chief Commissioner, Govt. of India, both member of Board of Management FGI apart from Ningthemcha (O) Devala Devi, Konsam Baruni Singh and Prof. Luchon Saikia, Director i/c of FGI and other officials of FGI.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Rajkumar Ranjan Singh, MP (Lok Sabha) mentioned that the occasion is relevant to the Nupi Lal keeping in view to empower women in the society while expressing the relevance of the courses which are open in the college to the hilly region of the state in particular and to Manipur as a whole.

He said that FGI College of Agricultural Sciences Hengbung in Kangpokpi District is one of the most important college in India because our Prime Minister Narendra Modi would like to develop our agriculture system and announced double income of the farmers in the country while passing three farm bills under his leadership to provide maximum help, profit and maximum benefit to our peasants.

He continued that to get this objective we need an institution like College of Agricultural Sciences particularly in the hilly region of north east India and most specifically in the state of Manipur and the College of Agricultural Sciences, Hengbung is the most specific college sponsored by Feeds Group of Institution.MP Dr. Rajkumar Ranjan Singh pointed out that the north eastern region is blessed by the nature as one of the richest hotspot of biodiversity particularly Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, part of Meghalaya and part of Tripura and the whole belt of Myanmar is put under Indo-Burma mega biodiversity hotspot which signifies that we have maximum number of endemic species either in the plants, avifauna, fishes or animals but such lot of variety of species were in danger now.

He said that under such circumstances, to conserve our native species even in the rice or in different kind of medicinal plants that has to be properly identify and documented in scientific range because only when we could identify the value of those species available in this apart of our country we could only strengthen our young learners/students with the empowerment of exploring elements of nature whatever available in our state and we can propagate in different ways.

He also said that the FGI College of Agricultural Sciences, Hengbung is one of the most important and significant institution particularly in the north eastern India having different communities and diversified indigenous knowledge system.

He further said that the opening of the institution certainly will provide the scope for thinking and exploring as well doing research in the highly and sophisticated institution having all the complex either for orchids or medicinal plants and different species already collected and experimented provide ample scope for our future people and also the newly inaugurated Girl’s Hostel.

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