MP Leisemba Sanajaoba seeks for recongnisation of Manipuri as classical language

IMPHAL, Sept 22-2020: Rajya Sabha MP Leisemba Sanajaoba today sought attention of the Central Government to recognise Manipuri as a classical language.

Speaking at today’s sitting of the Rajya Sabha, Leisemba Sanajaoba pointed out the four criteria laid down for recognition of modern Indian languages as classical language.

So far, six languages which fulfil the full criteria have been recognised as classical languages, he said.

If these four criteria are the defining factors for recognition of a language as a classical language, Manipuri should be among the classical languages of the country, Sanajaoba asserted.

He lamented that no language belonging to the Tibeto-Burman sub-family has been recognised as a classical language so far.  

The MP went on to assert that Manipuri language has all the elements needed for alleviation to the status of a classical language.

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