Mizoram: Private Hospitals and Labs Permitted to test Covid-19

Mizoram: To accelerate the testing prosses of Covid-19 the state government of Mizoram has permitted the private hospitals and laboratories to perform the test of covid19, State health and family welfare board chairman Dr ZR Thiamsanga said yesterday.

The permission has been given under the recent “The Mizoram Epidemic Disease (Covid-19) Second Amendment) Regulations, 2020”, which allows the private hospitals and laboratories having requisite facilities to conduct Covid-19 testing and samples collection.

However, such private hospitals and labs have to comply with the orders, regulations, guidelines and instructions issued by the Centre or state government from time to time, he said.

Mizoram has begun testing of Covid-19 samples in its own from April 7 at Zoram Medical College (ŽMC), three RT-PCR machines are currently being run a ZMC with a testing capacity of about 1,500 samples in a day. Covid-19 sample testing was also started at Lunglei civil hospital in the southern part of the state on June 12 with the help of TrueNat machine.

According to Thiamsanga, apart from ZMC and Lunglei civil hospital, Truelab Quattro micro PCR machines have been successfully installed in the remaining 9 district hospitals and are currently running for sample testing.

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