Massive Eviction drive by Assam Govt against illegal Encroachment of Migrant Muslims

Guwahati: Assam government in a drive to clear the illegal encroachment in government lands conducts massive evictions in Darrang district. The district administration on Monday evicted nearly 1488 acres of government lands from illegal occupants. Darrang district administration with the help of police and paramilitary forces evicted 800 migrant Muslim families who illegally encroached around 4500 bighas of government lands. “These people were illegally occupying the government lands for years. 

After repeated notice also didn’t vacate the lands. So administration had to conduct eviction drive.”, said a district administration officials supervising the eviction drive. The eviction drive was carried out in the Dhalpur area of Darrang district under the Sipajhar constituency. Meanwhile, another 300 illegal families residing in other parts of the Dhalpur area has approached the Guwahati High Court for an injunction in the eviction drive. Government sources said that these people have encroached on almost 9000 acres of government lands. The process is on to clear the illegal encroachment. 

The state government has announced a mega agriculture project in the evicted lands. The project named as ‘Gorukhuti Agricultural Project” will engage local youth in profitable agricultural ventures. A committee headed by MLA Padma Hazarika has been constituted by the government. The committee has trained 500 young boys and girls and they have started farming in the evicted lands under the Gorukhuti Agri project.

The area was divided into six zones for eviction but since a few people have appealed in the Supreme Court and the drives could not be carried out in all places. Already 500 youths have started work in the Gorukhuti area. Gorukhuti project will be kick-started very soon. As many as 30 tractors have started ploughing work.” Gorukhuti Agricultural Project coordinator MLA Padma Hazarika told Organiser that so far 7000 bighas of lands have been clear from encroachment. The process will continue. The state government plans to start an organised agricultural revolution involving the local youth, he added.

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