Maram Bazar firing: Makhan Khuman village clarifies

Senapati, May 02 2022: In regard to the firing incident that took place on April 29 at Maram Bazar, A Athili, secretary of Makhan Khuman village has clarified that the crimes committed by residents of Maram Bazar were blamed on the innocent Makhan village youths.

In a release, A Athili alleged that on the fateful night of April 29, some youths from Makhan Khuman village were halted at Maram Bazar on their return from Kashi/Barak river when they were waiting for some friends.

“While waiting, some Maram bazar youths approached them and started to interrogate the occupants using abusive words and language and asked them to get down from their vehicles.

Suddenly, an intoxicated Maram youth from among the interrogating group slapped K Hepuni without any provocation and ran away.

Another youth D Alayee was attacked with a blunt object from behind while he was trying to intervene as to why his friend was slapped”, he alleged.

A Athili continued that he and Makhan Khuman Youth & Students president K Pfokrelo rushed to the spot to resolve the matter after the Makhan Khuman Village Authority was informed about the incident.

“However, a large group of Maram Bazar residents had gathered at the site and refused to resolve it thereby provoking the incident.

The Youth & Students’ president was thrashed brutally by those gathered there”, he alleged.

Claiming that the incident escalated in spite of the presence of Maram leaders, A Athili stated that Maram Bazar residents gathered in big numbers with lethal weapons and started destroying houses and other properties which forced the villagers of Makhan Khuman to leave their houses for safety with their children.

He mentioned that the law enforcement agencies from different Police Stations came to take stock of the situation after Makhan Khuman Village Authority informed Mao Police Station of the attack.

“However, the agitated armed Maram Bazar residents began to attack the police personnel and their security vehicles were also damaged”, he alleged.

A Athili also clarified that the allegation of involvement of security personnel of an MLA in the incident was false.

“In this regard, Officer In-Charge of Maram Police Station investigated and found that neither Service Weapons were used nor the Security Personnel were present at the incident site as alleged.

Allegation of possession of arms by K Hepuni and friends is absolutely fictitious.

The use of official gypsy with siren by one Robinson was falsely alleged as on enquiry no gypsy with siren is used by the MLA”, he added.

A Athili further appealed to the authorities concerned to book the real culprits involved in the incident and deliver justice as per law of the land.

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