Many MLAs abandoning sinking ship of Congress: BJP

Imphal, January 16 2022: BJP Manipur Pradesh chief spokesperson Ch Bijoy has stated that many MLAs are abandoning the sinking ship of Congress and joining BJP after witnessing the improvement and efficiency of the double-engine government.

Speaking to newspersons at the Thambal Shanglen of BJP here on Sunday, Bijoy compared Congress to that of a sinking ship and said that as such, many Congress MLAs are continuously joining BJP, realising that that the present double engine government will not fail but instead attain double growth.

However, Congress would not be able to field candidates in all constituencies and will be left to content with those who could not get BJP tickets, using them as a means of saving its reputation.

He continued: “The once grand old party has now wilted and a Congress-free India will soon be realised in Manipur.

Congress almost ruined the country by introducing a political culture of distributing money during elections and taking bribes for jobs.

It was even called the ‘Fountain head of Corruption’.

Until and unless, Manipur is rid of Congress, there will be no free and fair election in the state”.

Lauding the initiatives undertaken by the PM Narendra Modi-led government during the Covid-19 pandemic, Bijoy stated that India is now the country with the highest Covid-19 vaccination rate with around 156.59 crore people vaccinated in one year since January 2021.France record ed 13.16 crore, Russia 15.01 crore, Germany 15.79 crore, Brazil 34.02 crore and USA 52.56 crore vaccinations.

Around 92 percent of the Indian population have got the first dose, while 70 percent have received the complete dose.

This indicates that the people are fully cooperating with the PM, which is further supported by the vaccination of around 2 crore people on his birthday.

“After the launch of the vaccination drive, 1 crore people were vaccinated by February 19 last.

The number rose to 100 crore on October 21 last.

Shortly after, door-to-door vaccination drive was launched.

In addition to launching the Cowin and Arogya Setu applications to facilitate the vaccination drive, 8 types of vaccines were produced by India.

“On January 3, the vaccination drive for the age group of 15-18 years was launched and by January 13, around 3 crore children in the said age range have been vaccinated.

All of these have silenced Congress from continuing its anti-vaccine rhetoric,” Bijoy contended, while stating that Congress only does politics which bring harm to the country.

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