Manipur: Women bitten severely for refusing to surrender Job Card wages

Imphal : The wife of a ward member from Keirao Makting GP in Imphal East District has been charged of severe physical assault on a female job card holder for refusing to surrender her wages which she had withdrawn from her account. The victim who identified herself as Elangbam Asharani has pleaded with the authorities concerned to conduct an investigation into the matter and take up punitive actions.

In this connection, written complaints have been filed at Irilbung Police Station and the Superintendent of Police of Imphal East.

Talking to media persons at a press conference held at the Panchayat Ghar of Keirao Makting GP on Thursday, Asharani stated that MGNREGA scheme was launched with the noble intention of providing employment to all citizens of India. However, in Keirao GP the scheme has seen a transformation as an opportunity for filling the pockets of the ward members, she charged.

She narrated that on August 23 last, she had withdrawn the amount from her bank account. However, on the next day L Nandarani, the wife of member of ward no 9 Laishram Surjit Singh, visited her house to inform that wages of job card holders have been transferred to their bank accounts and instructed her to hand over the money after withdrawal. She replied that the money was already withdrawn and even spent. Using harsh words Nandarani tried to coerce her with the threat that no one will be excused from paying, Asharani said.

To appease the member’s wife Asharani requested her to take up the matter another time saying that she was unwell and there is another sick person in the house. At that moment Nandarani pinned her to the ground, bit her fingers and thrashed her badly while using abusive language, Asharani alleged.

Condemning the attitude of a public representative of looking down on the downtrodden and trying to rob their money and resorting to physical assault against those who resist, Asharana appealed to the authorities to look into the incident.

She said it was the first time wages have been deposited into her personal bank account and she has no idea what had happened to her previous wages. She also expressed her desire for the government officials to check into the system of withdrawal of wages so that the stealth practices are identified for rectification. Asharani further sought criminal procedures against Nandarani for the physical assault on her for refusal to submit to the diktat of surrendering her wages.

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