Manipur: Swine Flu at Kamjong village

Ukhrul, June 01 2022: Outbreak of African Swine Flu has been confirmed at Dang’s Piggery Farm located at Grihang village of Kamjong district, Manipur.

Following the detection of African Swine Flu, Kamjong District Magistrate Rangnamei Rang Peter has taken up preventive measures and tagged the place as a controlled area under Section 6 of The Prevention and Control of Infectious and Contagious Disease in Animals Act, 2009 .

The District Magistrate declared a 1 Km radius around Dang Farming, as Infected Zone, and a 10 Km radius from the infected premises as “Surveillance Zone” .

When this correspondent contacted Dr Gideon, proprietor of Dang Piggery Farm on phone, he informed that more than 90 pigs including gilts were culled to prevent further spread.

According to him, in the first week of May, some of his pigs initially showed symptoms of lost appetite and after 3-4 days developed high fever, bled and then died.

On 12th of May, veterinary doctors led by the Jt.

Director Bhubaneswar came to his farm for sample collection of the dead pigs and after more than two weeks, the cause of death was confirmed to be “African Swine Flu” .

The breeds raised at the said farm are Hampshire & Yorkshire weighing between 150 and 200 kgs and pigs worth Rs 15-20 lakh have been culled to prevent further spread of the infection.

Dr Gideon suspects that the Swine Flu might have landed at Grihang village from Myanmar as it is nearby.

Numerous livestocks pass through the village from the nearest Myanmar village Aungzayya.

The aggrieved farmer said he has suffered substantial loss and urged for Government intervention and assistance to restart his business.

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