Manipur: Strange cattle disease strikes Leishi village

Ukhrul, June 11 2022: At least nine cows were found dead in suspicious manner at Leishi village, Kamjong district.

Reportedly, all the cattle which died ‘mysteriously’ had swollen bellies and constipated fecal discharge.

These ‘unnatural deaths’ have worried the locals of Leishi as they feared a cattle epidemic may have hit the area.

According to one cattle owner, L Samuel of Leishi village, he learnt about the death when he visited his cowshed which is constructed about 2 Kms away from Leishi village.

Saying that he has been rearing 26 cows including some calves in his shed and let the cattle graze at two locations (northern and southern sides of Leishi), he added all the dead cows grazed at the southern side.

Continuing that he immediately released the remaining cows and were all active with no symptoms of any infection whatsoever, Samuel maintained that the villagers had informed the Veterinary Department and the latter had collected samples to establish the exact cause of the death.

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