MANIPUR SBI ATM ROBBERY: 3 suspects in Police custody

CCpur, September 21-2020: The Churachandpur police have for the first time confirmed the involvement of three suspects in its custody in the Rs 1.15 crore heist that also claimed the life of one private cash management agency.

Releasing an update on the heist late tonight, the police said three employees of Writers Safeguard Group who are the primary suspects were involved in the murder of their co-employee Arambam Ranjan.

Earlier the police had already accused them of being involved in siphoning off cash to the tune of Rs 5 crore in the past 5 years.

In today’s update the police said, one of three in their custody identified as Brojen Singh planned the robbery and the same was executed by the other two – K Romen Singh and V Thangkhanmuan.

Detailing their investigation that allegedly reveal the involvement of three, it said, K Brojen’s license 0.32 calibre revolver with 6 rounds of ammunition was used in committing the crime.

The gun, as Brojen has claimed, was initially hidden on an unused ATM by Romen Singh and was finally picked up by K Brojen Singh on September 4- the day the crime was committed, with only 4 rounds of ammunition left.

It was then taken to Imphal where he hid it at his house.

K Brojen was arrested by the police on September 8 and the police claimed to have successfully recovered the same weapon along with its ammunition from the residence of K Brojen Singh.