Manipur: Pradhan opened fire, irate locals vandalise Pradhan’s vehicle

Thoubal, September 19-2020: The Member of the Charangpat GP Ward Number 7, L Lupajao has clarified that the Pradhan of the Charangpat GP had opened blank fire just to protect himself during the intense altercation occurred yesterday.

Pradhan Sorokhaimbam Imo, yesterday opened blank fire when a brawl erupted between the Pradhan and the localities of Charangpat Mayai Leikai over dug out earth and subsequently the irate locals vandalised Pradhan’s vehicle.

Following the incident, the Pradhan was pulled up by a team of Thoubal police and seized the gun in his possession and clothes worn by the Pradhan during the incident.

A member of the Charangpat Development Organisation (CDO), S Bidyakumar during protest held yesterday had maintained that the Pradhan had started to dig a local pond at Charangpat Mayai Leikai as the locality do not enjoy water supply facility and the earth being dug out from the pond was assured to be used in elevating playground of CDO.

The brawl erupted when the local stopped two youths who arrived at the spot with a tractor and JCB to collect the earth with due approval of the Pradhan against the earlier assurance, he said.

The Pradhan arrived shortly after and opened fire when people clearly opposed the collection of the earth, he said while adding that the angry locals started vandalising his vehicle following the fire.

Meanwhile, during a press meet held today at the Charangpat Gram Panchayat, Ward Member L Lupajao had clarified that the Pradhan targeted none and it was just a blank fire to protect himself from the mob who started manhandling him (Pradhan) .

Saying that S Bidyakumar’s statement was false and misleading, he further said that the Pradhan had sent the youths to collect the dug out earth for use in construction of a community hall.

The press meet was also attended by Th Sanjoy, Ward Number 4 of Charangpat Gram Panchayat; S Joychand Member nominee of Ward No 1 and other Panchayat officials.

In the meantime, a sit-in was staged at Charangpat Mayai Leikai waiting shed against the arrest of the Pradhan and leaving the real culprits.

A woman protester said that the locality has not seen much development due to obstruction in the developmental work taken up by the Pradhan.

He has been wrongly charged and the arrest of such a person who works and cares for the welfare of the people is unfortunate, she said.

She also urged all concerned to investigate the matter deeply and punish the culprits.

Zilla Parishad Members of Thoubal district have also denounced the arrest of S Imo regarding the incident.

Speaking to media at the quarter of Adhyaksha of Thoubal District Zilla Parishad, Pradhan of Tentha Gram Panchayat N Pradip also came in defence and stated that the Pradhan had took the earth piled up near pond dug out near Charangpat High School for use in construction of a community hall.

The brawl triggered after the locals intervened and opposed the move of the Pradhan, he narrated while condemning the “harsh words” of OC Thoubal Police when approached to book the other culprit with which the brawl had occurred.

The media interaction programme was also attended by other Pradhans and Zilla Parishad Members of Thoubal district.