Manipur People’s Party Appoints New Interim President

IMPHAL: A meeting of the Central Committee of Manipur People’s Party recognised by the Election Commission of India was held at Marriage Multipurpose Hall in Oinam in Bishnupur district on Thursday. MPP Moirang A/C Central committee member Laishram Kumar presided over the meeting.

The meeting agreed that even though the party has a rich history of being a part of the state government at least three-four times, at present it has lost the trust of the people. The central committee members proposed steps for regaining the popularity it once held and winning back the trust of the people of the state and promoting their aspirations.   

During the meeting the member of Central committee of Bishnupur A/C Konthoujam Krishnachandra was appointed as the interim president, while Sorenshangbam Brojen from Thongju A/C and Advocate Ningombam Ojit were chosen as the working presidents.

At the same time central committee member of Nambol AC Oinam Deven was appointed as state returning officer for holding party elections to form the Working Committee, Election committee, and Disciplinary committee.

Newly elected interim president Konthoujam Krishnachandra stated that due to the internal crisis in the party the MPP lost its image as a regional party and it further degraded into such a low status that ECI prohibited fielding its candidates at the elections as internal party elections were not held. Now, after consideration of what it had gone through, the central committee meeting was conducted, he said.

He thanked the committee on his appointment as the interim president and promised to work for the development of the party while adhering to its rules and regulations. He announced that the party is planning to field candidates at the upcoming Assembly elections.

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