Manipur: Opposition Congress gears up for stir against BJP regime

Imphal: In line with the Nation-wide protest by 19 opposition parties against the Modi regime, 11 Opposition parties in the State namely AIFB, AITC, BSP, CPI, CPI (M), INC, JD (S), MPP, NCP, PRJA and RSP have rolled up sleeves to launch various forms of agitation from September 20 to September 30 to press a charter of demands. Leaders of the Opposition parties gathered at the Congress Bhavan here on Saturday and held a press conference with regard to their course of action.

CPI State Secretary L Sotinkumar said that Opposition parties in the State decided to join the nationwide protest against the violation of constitutional provisions, murder of democracy and challenges to secularism by the BJP government in the country and in the State.

Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) Vice-President Tongbram Mangibabu claimed that the country has landed in jeopardy under the ‘dictatorial’ BJP regime led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Stating that India is a poor country, Mangibabu questioned who would survive if the country is ruled on the basis of the theory ‘Might is Right and Survival of the Fittest’ and only the rich and powerful BJP men would continue to survive in the country.

He strongly charged the BJP government with distorting the secularism fabric of the country, a land of multi-religions and faiths, saying the Hindutva ideology of BJP will lead to disintegration of the country. Such communal ideology of the party has made the Muslims and other communities feel insecure, he said, questioning how long the people of the country would continue to tolerate such a government.

India is one of the biggest democratic countries in the world. However, BJP has strangulated democracy. There is no more freedom of speech and whoever expresses his views against the government has been arrested. We will land in jeopardy until the BJP regime is ousted, he contended.

CPI National Executive Member Dr. M Nara said that various misdeeds and misgovernance of the BJP government has prompted the Opposition parties to unite together and launch various protests.

Terming the current government anti-people as it has failed to act for the welfare of the people, Dr Nara alleged that the BJP government has sold out many public properties to the rich private corporate houses. It is a dangerous policy. The present government is for the corporate houses, not for the poor and needy, he added.

To satisfy the monopoly of private corporate houses, several public sectors like airports, airlines and railways have been privatized one after another. People are reeling under the brunt of price hike of essential commodities and petroleum products. Covid-19 pandemic has added to the woes of the people. Farmers are suffering and around 500 farmers committed suicide in the country. This government refused to discuss the three farm Bills in the Parliament. Remuneration of the ASHA and Anganwadi workers has not been paid. As such, they have prepared to call nationwide general strike on September 24. Opposition parties have also declared support to them, he said.

“What kind of democracy are we observing when the government acts dictatorially without paying heed to the voice of the people”, he asked.

The 13-point charter of demands of the Opposition parties include mass Covid-19 vaccination, more production of vaccines, compensation to Covid-19 related deaths, priority to vaccination of students and teachers to pave way for opening of schools, free cash transfer of Rs. 7600 to very families who does not pay income tax, reduction of excise duties and VAT on petrol and diesel, LPG, withdraw three farm laws and give guarantee to provide minimum support price to the farmers, stop privatization and rescind the earlier orders of privatization, Increase the mandays under MGNREGS to 200 days as well as doubling of wages of workers to double, implementation of Central sponsored development schemes in the urban and rural areas of Manipur impartially and immediate construction of national highways in Manipur to make them all seasonal motorable roads.

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