Manipur: Mysterious disease killed over 90 pigs in Ukhrul

Ukhrul, June 23 2022: At least 95 domesticated pigs have died of an unidentified disease, while scores are being infected at Chingjaroi Khullen village under LM block and Phalee villages under Chingai block in Ukhrul district.

Reports reaching here have mentioned that more than 70 pigs have died following the outbreak of an unknown disease at Chingjaroi Khullen village in northern Ukhrul region.

Soror Linus, a village ‘Mantri’ of the village, said that among the destroyed animals included piglets and matured swine, while many others are critically infected by the unknown disease.

He stated that the infected pigs died within two and three days after showing symptoms of bodily weaknesses and loss of appetite.

Linus also mentioned that the villagers conducted operations on the animal carcasses to find out if any internal parts were damaged by the infections.

“It was found that the muscle parts around the kidney were swollen”, he said.

Meanwhile, an official source from the district Veterinary Department conveyed that in view of the outbreak of the disease, necessary vaccination of animals would be carried out in the village.

Vaccine has arrived at the village on Thursday evening and the vaccination would be started from Saturday or Sunday, it said.

In a similar outbreak of an unidentified disease, over 25 domesticated pigs have also reportedly died at Phalee village in western Ukhrul region.

It may be recalled here that the outbreak of African swine fever was reported in one of the piggery farms at Grihang village in Kamjong district earlier this month.

Days later, over 100 pigs also died of an unknown disease at Sinakei thei village under Ukhrul block.

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