Manipur: Most rivers still at flood level, bridge in jeopardy

Imphal, May 19 2022: Even though water levels of most rivers have receded a little, Imphal River, Nambul River and Nambol River are still flowing above flood level.

Iril River, Thoubal River and Manipur River have either reached warning level or are close to warning level.

On the other hand, the RCC bridge built over Iril River at Top Khongnangkhong in Imphal East district which was already in bad shape has been further jeopardised by the strong current of the river.

Even though the water levels of most rivers receded a little in the afternoon, heavy rain lashed the State this morning too.

Subsequent upon the heavy downpour, a large fissure ripped through the Nambul River bank at Samurou Makha Leikai this morning.

Even as flood water gushed through the fissure, local people somehow managed to repair the bank and stop the river current from flooding the surrounding areas.

According to information received from the Water Resources Department, rainfall rates recorded till 6 am today at Kangpokpi, Saikul, Litan, Raj Bhavan, Lamphel and Jiribam were 16 mm, 8.50 mm, 15 mm, 21 mm, 26 mm and 68 mm respectively.

Notably, many places in the valley areas including homesteads and paddy fields are still inundated.

Many people fear that fissures may develop on vulnerable sections of river embankments or these sections may get breached if there is any further rainfall in the coming days.

Showing the vulnerable condition of Top Khongnangkhong Thongjao to media persons today, Youth Progressive Organisation (YPO), Kshetri Bengoon Awang Leikai general secretary Mujibur Rahman warned that unfortunate incidents which entail human casualties may unfold if the bridge is not repaired before it is too late.

Both the eastern and western embankments of Iril River are on the verge of developing cracks and sinking just beside the bridge which was built in the 1970s, he said.

As a result, it is risky to cross the bridge on vehicles.

Many people fear that the bridge may either collapse or sink any time, he continued.

The bridge provides a vital link to JNV Imphal East, Kshetri Bengoon, Top Khunou, Top Awang Leikai, Moirangkampu, Wakha etc.

On the other hand, PHED has been building a water intake pumphouse under the Manipur Water Supply Project on the western bank of Iril River, close to the bridge.

Water drawn up through the pumphouse would be treated at Porompat Water Supply Project.

However, following the alarming rise in the water level of Iril River, the pumphouse which is under construction is on the verge of sinking towards the river bed.

Mujibur Rahman appealed to the authorities concerned to repair the RCC bridge before it is too late.

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