Manipur: Managing Director of UNACCO Group assures to provide free education facilities to children of Maibam Kabui Khul

Bishnupur, June 12 2022: N Irabanta, chief managing director of UNACCO Group has provided assurance that children of Maibam Kabui Khul located in the vicinity of Maibam Lotpa Ching will receive facilities for free education.

The statement was made by the chief managing director during a memorial tree sapling plantation drive held in honour of (L) Saheed Madhumangal at Maibam Lotpa Ching organised by Saheed Madhumangal Foundation.

The tree sapling plantation drive was also accompanied by the offering of prayers to Gods atop Maibam Lotpa Ching.

Many villagers of the area also participated in the tree plantation drive and dignitaries such as L Jatra, Senior Pracharak, RSS; Mahendra Pratap, Chief Conservator of Forest and PK Maibam, village chief of Maibam kabui Khul were also present at the event.

Speaking on the occasion, N Irabanta asserted that he will provide his services in preserving the natural beauty of Maibam Lotpa Ching and in transforming Maibam Kabui Khul into a tourist hotspot.

He further said that it is not enough to simply plant trees.

“It is imperative to tend to their proper growth till they attain maturity”, he added.

Mahendra Pratap also addressed the gathering and lauded the tree sapling plantation drive.

There is a global cry to save forests, he said, adding that if human beings cannot accomplish this task, then it would possibly lead to the extinction of all life on the planet.

The blame for the continued degradation of the environment falls on the shoulders of human beings, he added.

But if human beings can maintain their surrounding environment properly then it could lead to long-term prosperity, Mahendra Pratap opined.

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