Manipur: Major General Navin Sachdeva urges youth to avail Agnipath scheme

Imphal, June 15 2022: Major General Navin Sachdeva has appealed to the youth of Manipur and other North East States to capitalise on the Agnipath scheme .

Major General Navin Sachdeva is the GoC of 57 Mountain Division.

Speaking to media persons at the auditorium of Red Shield Division at Leimakhong, the senior Army officer said that youth in certain age groups (17.5 to 21 years) will be inducted into armed forces for a short period under the scheme.

Saying that the people who are selected to join armed forces under the scheme will be known as Agniveers and they will have the opportunity to serve the Nation, Major General Navin Sachdeva continued that Agniveers will serve for four years after receiving proper training at Indian Army, Indian Navy or Indian Air Force.

Further stating that 46,000 Agniveers will be recruited this year, he added that 25 per cent of the recruited soldiers will be short-listed as regular cadres after four years of their service.

The soldiers recruited under the scheme will be given a monthly salary of Rs 30,000 to 40,000, he added.

Saying that Rs 9000 would be deducted from their salary to provide Rs 11.71 lakh under Seva Nidhi package on completion of their service, the Major General said that every Agniveer will also be provided life insurance coverage of Rs 48 lakh.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohit Vaishnav also attended the press briefing, among others.

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