Manipur: Let vaccinated folks campaign for vaccination, says MLA Dingo

Imphal, July 04, 2021: Sekmai Assembly Constituency MLA H Dingo has asserted that awareness campaigns on vaccines given by vaccinated people will play an important role in removing vaccine hesitancy amongst the public in the State.

The MLA said this while attending a tree plantation programme at Phayeng Deban Lampak Eco Garden and added that there is widespread vaccine hesitancy created by numerous fake news and rumours about the vaccine that have been widely circulated.

Vaccinated people can give awareness regarding the safety of the vaccine and clarify the queries of the people who are yet to be vaccinated in their own locality.

As the words are coming from vaccinated and known faces, people will have a better understanding and trust them on the issue, he added.

H Dingo also appealed the Government to start a campaign to spread the many benefits of getting the vaccines from vaccinated people to remove vaccine hesitancy amongst the public at the earliest.

He urged the public to get vaccinated to protect themselve and their families from the third wave of the pandemic which has been predicted by many experts.

The tree plantation programme was also attended by A Sharda Devi, president, BJP Manipur Pradesh; Premananda Meetei, general secretary, BJP Manipur Pradesh; Officer in charge of Lamsang police station, Pradhan Phayeng GP amongst others.