Manipur: Govt planning to issue ID cards for border citizens says, RK Ranjan

Imphal, July 23 2022: Union minister of state for external affairs and education Dr RK Ranjan has said that Chandel district being a district sharing border with Myanmar needs constant screening to prevent entry of Myanmarese nationals and the government is considering for issuing identity cards to border citizens of the district.

Dr Ranjan disclosed this after inspecting Chandel district, which is one among more than 200 under-developed districts of the country identified as aspirational district and given special attention since the year 2018 to develop them at par with other districts.

Sharing findings of his inspection on Saturday with media persons, RK Ranjan said that Chandel is the lone district from Manipur identified as aspirational district and it still requires additional attention to bring development at par with other districts.

Other aspirational districts of the country are heading towards development but eight such districts of the North East still remain underdeveloped and the reason behind this need to be looked into carefully, he said.

According to RK Ranjan, 10 percent of the Union budget is being earmarked for North Eastern states and ground surveys are being conducted to find out reasons behind difficulties faced in bringing development.

Many Union ministers had visited Chandel district and condition of the road up to the district headquarters is very good now.

Overall growth of a district is based on 7/8 items and index of these items shows some growth but some 7/8 sectors still need additional attention, he said.

While informing that education sector in Chandel district lags behind other districts, RK Ranjan said that Manipur remains at seventh stage when compared with school and higher secondary level of the country and education sector of Chandel district is worse and the reason for this will be identified.

Manipur’s education system needs modification and requires infrastructures, he said, adding that the state would not be able to compete with other states of the country if education sector is not improved and ensured requisite infrastructures.

He also said that education sector figured in the state list earlier but Central government now deals this sector with the introduction of Right to Education.

On health sector, the Union minister said that the health infrastructure has improved in Chandel district than what was there in the past eight years but still lacks trained personnel to handle infrastructures and have no expert.

Health sector of the district lacks manpower and hence need more attention while district is bereft of specialist doctors, he added.

On drinking water facility, RK Ranjan said that most of the villages in Chandel district have been covered under Jal Jeevan Mission of the Government of India but the district has some weakness in water delivery system.

There were signs of shortage of water pipes in the district and the matter will be apprised to the chief minister soon, he added.

The Union minister further said that Chandel district borders with Myanmar and there is report of Myanmarese nationals entering the state through the district.

Accordingly, government is considering to issue identity cards to border citizens of the district and the matter will be highlighted to the Union home ministry, he said and stressed the need for providing more fund to the district.

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