Manipur: Dropping of Only Women Minister, enraged Kangpokpi burns effigy of CM N Biren

Kangpokpi, Sept 25-2020: Reacting strongly against the decision of the BJP led Government to drop Nemcha Kipgen from the Council of Ministers, hundreds of women from Kangpokpi Assembly Constituency gathered at Nute Kailhang (Ima Keithel) at the district headquarters and burnt the effigy of Chief Minister N Biren today.

The public protest followed the strong condemnations from the Thadou Inpi general headquarters and All Manipur Nupi Marup.

Incidentally Nemcha Kipgen was the lone woman in the Council of Ministers of the BJP led Government.

The protesting women also held placards with slogans, “We strongly condemn dropping of the lone woman Minister from the Council of Ministers”, “N Biren Singh ripped the blooming Lotus in Kangpokpi AC”, “Where have the much hyped BJP’s women’s empowerment gone?”, “Biren led BJP Govt.kills women’s reservation in Manipur, annihilates women opportunities”, “Social Welfare and Co-operative Dept.

in the State is back to life because of Pi Nemcha Kipgen”, “No more woman Minister in Manipur Legislative Assembly, is this the BJP’s true face of women empowerment ?”, “BJP’s spirit of ‘Nari Shakti’ in Manipur is mere tokenism and gimmickry”, etc.

The sit-in protest was also participated by various women organizations of the district and Kangpokpi AC including Kuki Women Union Sadar Hills and Kangpokpi Women Welfare Organization apart from various village chiefs, TSA Sadar Hills, Kangpokpi Town Committee, Kangpokpi Youth Union, etc.

Speaking to media persons, Hethem Kipgen, secretary KWU Sadar Hills said that Modi and the BJP have always been a vocal proponent of women empowerment and an outspoken votary of giving women their due in the legislature but N Biren Singh in Manipur has shown the true face of BJP’s women empowerment by dropping the lone woman Minister from his Council of Ministers.

The women of Kangpokpi AC are shocked and extremely discontented over the dropping of Nemcha Kipgen.

She said that during the Ibobi Singh led Congress Government, the lone woman Minister AK Mirabai was never dropped and always held her position without any dispute but the BJP which has the tall promise of empowering women has removed its lone woman Minister from the State Cabinet.

She demanded that Nemcha Kipgen be reinstated.

If the BJP is truly committed to 33% reservation in Parliament and State Assemblies why was its lone woman Minister in Manipur dropped from the Council of Ministers instead of passing the Women Reservation Bill in the Lok Sabha ?, she questioned.

Slamming the BJP’s tall promise of empowering women, Hethem Kipgen said that despite its manifesto in the Lok Sabha election 2019 which stressed on the spirit of Nari Shakti (women empowerment) this slogan is just ‘tokenism and gimmickry’ in Manipur.

When the BJP cannot empower its own woman Minister how would it be possible to empower millions of Indian women?, she questioned.

Hethem Kipgen further said that dropping Nemcha Kipgen from the Council of Ministers is not only subjugating the women community of the State but ‘underrating and undervaluing’ the women of her Constituency which cannot be considered lightly.

“We want Chief Minister N Biren Singh to rectify and restore the BJP’s commitment of empowering women by re- instating Nemcha Kipgen in her position,” said Hethem Kipgen while adding “our further course of action will be solely decided by his decision from today”.

Hekim Hangshing, president, Kangpokpi Women Welfare Organization said that the BJP led Government has hurt the sentiments of the women community.

She asserted that the Social Welfare and Cooperation Department which was once similar to defunct departments have been revived by the lone woman Minister.

With regard to development in Kangpokpi district, the woman leader said that many developmental works had been implemented in the district and many more are in the pipeline under her Ministership while adding that being a woman she has excellent management abilities, communication skills, ability to multitask, caring and understanding and she is also instrumental in ensuring peace and harmony among all communities.

Hekim Hangshing also recalled the immense contribution and vital role Nemcha played in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic as Minister in-charge for COVID-19 in Kangpokpi and Senapati district.

The KWWO president also thanked and appreciated All Manipur Nupi Marup for standing for the larger interest of the women community in the State and added that such women body is instrumental in bringing peace and harmony among diverse communities in the State.

Thadou Students Association Sadar Hills said there has to be at least four Ministers from the hill districts but now the BJP’s Biren Singh-led Government lies exposed like a communal Government.

KTC Chairman Lunseh Kipgen and many other leaders also spoke on the sideline of the protest.